Knight Ridder recpetion area

About the CCWA

The CCWA works closely with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) so that employees of CCWA contractors are the best trained and most experienced in the fabrication and/or installation of architectural millwork. The CCWA consists of labor and management experts with the knowledge and track record in successful factory and field practices. This group of professionals advises and steers best practices in items such as:

  • Training new professionals to develop technical skills that are important for commerical, institutional and residential projects
  • Introducing new green technologies, materials and machinery to all UBC millwork professionals
  • Ensuring job site safety
  • Maintaining superior levels of productivity and efficiency on every job site

The CCWA also serves as a valuable resource for thousands of specification, architectural, and design professionals who seek assistance in properly planning an architectural millwork jobsite.

Members of the CCWA are consistently learning, researching, testing, and promoting advancement in the custom woodworking building industry for architectural millwork. Their expertise has led to thousands of jobsites successfully completing work according to green building practices, tigh schedules, adverse working conditions, occupied facilities, and more.