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Empowering Youth, Changing Communities

MGR is a public 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that engages, motivates, and empowers under-resourced youth to create positive community change through programming in the arts, the environment and health.


Arts in ActionArts in Action
Through music, art, drama, dance and media youth advocate for social change in their communities.Learn More.
Environmental JusticeEnvironmental Justice
Through environmental education, stewardship, and advocacy efforts, youth and adults work to change the way they interact with the environment, ultimately promoting fully integrated sustainable practices in local communities.Learn More.
Active HealthActive Health
Through exercise, education, and advocacy, youth and adults make positive health choices that will have a lasting effect on the wellness of the individual and the community.Learn More.

We Empower Youth

MGR believes that young people possess the power to change their communities. An empowered youth is someone who understands the larger system, retains the skills to tackle the problem, and utilizes opportunities to create real community change. It is MGR’s duty to equip our students with knowledge, skill, and opportunity, and to work with these young leaders as partners and allies.

MGR’s Approach to Youth Empowerment

Empowerment Strategy