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Flooring installations done by an INSTALL Certified Contractor will not fail. Now you have our word — and a comprehensive warranty
— to back it up!

INSTALL now offers a groundbreaking Warranty on Labor program.

Commercial and residential. Carpet, resilient and hardwood. The INSTALL Warranty on Labor is an added value provided by INSTALL Certified Contractors, and it’s all guaranteed by the INSTALL Labor-Management Committee.

Our certification process that fuels this Warranty is endorsed by hundreds of floorcovering mills and manufacturers, coast-to-coast.

Only the best capitalized, most professional contractors in North America achieve the status of being an INSTALL Certified Contractor — and qualify to carry this Warranty on Labor. These are the contractors who are installing award-winning projects. These are the companies ready to work for you.
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Certified in Excellence

INSTALL Certified Contractors deliver on the promises made by the Warranty on Labor with dependable, correct work. In addition to their own installation warranty, INSTALL Certified Contractors’ installations are now covered by the INSTALL Warranty on Labor.

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INSTALL has so much faith in our Certified Contractors, that we are guaranteeing their installations.

To be an INSTALL Certified Contractor, employees must carry the INSTALL Certification, either in carpet, resilient or hardwood. To keep that certification valid, INSTALL floorcovering professionals must successfully complete career-long training to stay current on industry advancements.

The INSTALL Certification is the mark of a skilled flooring installation professional. The Certification Program creates a set of standards, so that installers with the skills, productivity and proper attitude to complete work quickly and correctly are easily identified. The training presented by the Carpenters International Training Fund, is updated regularly through a peer review of technical and education experts of INSTALL partnering mills and manufacturers.

Thousands of certified INSTALL professionals can be found throughout the United States and Canada. And they work for an INSTALL Certified Contractor who’s available for your next project. Find an INSTALL Certified Contractor Now

Find an INSTALL Certified Contractor

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Certified Contractors are ready to work on your next project. Click here to access our directory of Certified Contractors. You can create a customized list of contractors who specialize in the industry you are working in, and where the project is located.

Have a question, contact John McGrath, INSTALL Director, at or 215-582-4108.

INSTALL Certified Contractors are experienced and ready to work throughout the United States and Canada in industries such as healthcare, education, institutional, commercial office, retail, hospitality, residential, and more.

Life Without the INSTALL Warranty on Labor

Improperly installed floor coverings are one of the biggest complaints in construction. With the cost of replacing a poor installation well over 8 times the original price, it makes sense that this is a major concern.

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While most installers say they’ll guarantee their work, reality is, there’s no way to know for sure, which means you could end up footing the bill. If not for materials. Then the labor. Maybe both. But you’ll definitely be paying for the biggest cost of all. Disruption. Downtime. Delays. Not to mention occupant dissatisfaction.

Even if you’re using a supposedly experienced installer, that’s a big chance you’re taking. And there’s no guarantee the people he’s using are equally experienced. Add in the fact that floor covering installation specs change more than any other specialty — and that’s now a huge gamble.

Don’t gamble on your project’s installation. Require Certified INSTALL Floorcovering Professionals. Our certified contractors are the only group to have a 3rd party warranty to GUARANTEE the job’s done right. So you’ll never have to worry about the cost of replacing a bad installation.


Quality installations, on schedule, done right the first time...guaranteed.